Where to find the 8 kegs of Abundance in Genshin Impact Celebration Stage (Day 2)

In this guide, we show you where all 8 Kegs of Abundance are located, which you need to find in order to complete the second stage of the Blessing of Abundance event. Genshin Impact.

Therefore, this guide will show you all the locations where the Kegs of Opulence are hidden in the Celebration is in full swing.

Genshin Impact Event Guide Blessings of Abundance: Where to find the kegs of abundance of the Celebration is in full swing?

This event requires you to collect shop components (Image via HoYoverse)

Video guide:

We have recorded a video guide that will help you quickly find all the kegs:

At the souvenir shop in Mondstadt

Gift at the old hotel in Mondstadt

Gift near the Ordo Favonius on a windmill

A gift near Sidor Lake, where ducks are fed

Gift at the side gate of Mondstadt

Gift in Lisa’s office

Gift behind an old broken wagon Sidorovo Lake

On a small sandbank next to the Whispering Forest

We published the location of the last 8 kegs!

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