Where to get and how to pass the quest


Presumption of innocence – errands Genshin Impact in Mondstadt. Find out how to help Victoria and complete the quest, as well as the rewards for completing it.


How to start the quest The Presumption of Innocence

Speak with Victoria in Mondstadt. The girl is standing at the entrance to the temple.

Victoria wants to check on Nimrod, a local drunk who promised to stop drinking. The girl has big doubts about this and she will ask to visit the alleged drunkard and bring evidence that he is still sitting tightly on the glass.

How to complete the errand Presumption of innocence

After completing the dialogue with Victoria, head to the tavern Angels share, which is located right in the city of winds. Go down to the tavern:

Arriving at the place, go through the door and head to the left table, where Nimrod is sitting pretty drunk. Victoria’s suspicions are confirmed and now we need to find evidence. This can be done by inspecting the glass and approaching the bartender Charles at Nymord’s expense.

Having collected the necessary information, return to Victoria and hand over the task to her, thereby completing the quest.

Awards Presumption of Innocence


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