Where to get and how to pass the quest


Guy that no one notices – errands Genshin Impact in Mondstadt. Find out how to help Guy and complete the quest, as well as the rewards for completing it.


How to start the quest The Guy Nobody Notices

Talk to Guy in Mondstadt, who is in a bad mood. The NPC is standing right at the side gate of Mondstadt.

Talk to the guy guarding the gate. He will talk about the fact that every time he sends letters to his father, in which he describes the epic battles in which he participates. Much to his regret, this is not the case, but Guy cannot tell his father the truth that he is just a side gate guard. The father must think that his son is a hero and Guy will ask the Traveler to bring the trophy broken maskwhich he will attach to the letter so that his father does not doubt the heroism of his son.

So, Our task is to deliver the letter to old Tanner and attach to it broken mask.

How to get Shattered Mask in Genshin Impact

broken mask
Type (Ingame) Character development
Item Source (Ingame) Khilichurly
Some Hilichurl Shooters
Some shamachurls
Some big hilichurls
Purchased with Stardust
Description A shattered bone mask that belonged to a Hilichurl long ago. Broken into small fragments, so it cannot perform its main function.

Broken masks are very important materials that you need to be able to farm properly. In addition to the fact that we need one copy to complete this quest, masks are needed to level up characters such as Chun Yun, Genie, Noelle, Razor or Xin Qiu.

There are three levels of this material: broken mask, dirty mask and sinister mask. The game gives a little clue as to where to find them when Guy mentions Hilichurls. However, the developers of the game did not mention any specific location. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a few maps here that show all the known Hilichurl spawn points in Mondstadt.

If you look at the map, you will see several dense zones around the Stormterror Lair and Dadaupa Gorge. Notably, these mobs respawn daily. Therefore, you will be able to create a farming route that suits you the most. Then you can just run on it a couple of times a week – that will be enough.

Where to find Tanner and give him the letter and the Broken Mask

Tanner is located in the Dawn Distillery, just behind the vine beds near the wooden shed.

Talking to the NPC will complete Guy’s errands, which no one notices.

Awards The Guy Nobody Notices


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