Who is better, Xiao or Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

The eternal question: Hu Tao or Xiao? We give our opinion, present proofs!

Okay, first of all, I just want to say what I think of these two. For me, both Xiao and Hu Tao are still one of the best damage dealers when it comes to taking out any enemy quickly, so I don’t know why people still say that Hu Tao is better than Xiao. This is not backed by evidence and you can say whatever you want… but let me first lay out the advantages and disadvantages Xiao

What can and what is weak Xiao


  1. Xiao’s sharp attacks deal good area damage, allowing you to clear mobs faster
  2. His E skill can be used in the air to restore stamina while climbing and sliding.
  3. Being an anemo matches perfectly with his fall attack for better spread of elemental swirls
  4. He is Hasubando


  • The explosion skill requires a lot of energy, so it is recommended to use an anemo battery
  • Elemental Explosion takes a percentage of his health
  • As an Anemo character with a polearm, he cannot pierce the shields of mobs like the Void Mage, etc.
  • He is not fit to fight Andrius (Lupus Borealis)

This is what I consider the main advantages and disadvantages of Xiao

What can and what is weak Hu Tao


  1. Due to her swift attacks, she is not easy to hit.
  2. Her Elemental Burst gives her a percentage of her health back so she doesn’t need a healer
  3. It’s easy to build because you need HP stats instead of ATK
  4. She is a waifu


  1. You need her health to be equal to or less than half of her health in order to deal more pyro damage
  2. You need to ensure you have a shield on your team for protection
  3. Pyro mobs are her weakness as she mainly focuses on pyro damage like Diluc
  4. She also cannot break through shields due to her spear.


Both are strong, but both have different playstyles

Xiao: Focuses on multiple enemies and deals good whirlwind damage to surroundings

Hu Tao: She focuses on rushing from one enemy to another.

The choice is difficult, it’s like choosing which of the Twix sticks is better, left or right. These are 2 absolutely equal characters! Think about how you like to play or what element you prefer and make your choice!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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