Why Can’t Pass Explore the indicated location Genshin Impact Rift

While completing the Archons quest “Requiem of Echoing Depths” on the quest “An Unexpected Encounter in the Depths”, you might encounter the fact that the quest was stuck on the requirement Explore the specified place, it does not continue and the quest markers are not shown.

In fact, everything is simple!

In order for the quest to continue and the markers to be displayed on the map, complete two quests from the questline “Records of a Journey Deep into the Rift”:

  1. The beginning of the exploration of the depths;
  2. A floating piece of skystone.

How to complete Genshin Impact Depth Exploration Begins

Enter the Breach Mine

We get up on the platform, click “Activate” and go into the Rift mine.

Speak with the members of the Geo-Reconnaissance Squad

We talk with members of the geo-exploration squad Zhi Qiong and Jin Wu. They will tell you that luminiferous crystals have appeared in the mine.

Investigate the luminous crystal next to the camp

We collect a luminiferous crystal next to the camp.

Talk to Zhi Qiong and Jin Wu

We talk again with Zhi Qiong and Jin Wu. In the last task, we took the Luminous Stone Adjuvant from the table of the mining warehouse, now it can be equipped.

It can light your way in the gloomy mines if it is full of energy. This energy can be obtained, for example, from luminiferous lamps and fireflies of good luck.

Find clues on where to look for Uncle He

Now we need to find three clues where to look for Uncle He.

First clue

We go down. There will be a small shed to the right of the Treasure Thieves camp, next to which you can find a Diary Page. Read it and the first clue will be found.

Second clue

The second clue in the form of a diary page is also next to the Treasure Thieves.

Third clue

The third clue is at the top, so we teleport and run to it.

Tell Jin Wu about the clues you found

We return to Jin Wu and tell her about the clues found.

Go to the camp of the geo-reconnaissance squad

We go to the geostar camp.

Talk to Jin Wu

We are talking with Jin Wu. We have the opportunity to improve the Adjuvant with the help of luminiferous crystals. I advise you to collect crystals, as some tasks may require a higher level of Adjuvant.

Find Zhi Qiong, who went on an adventure alone

Let’s go look for Zhi Qiong, who went alone in search of adventure.

Talk to Zhi Qiong

We talk with her.

Complete Zhi Qiong’s orders

She asked to complete two tasks and gave two separate tasks for this – “First Encounter with Miasma” and “Make Friends and Defeat Bandits”.

Return to the camp of the geo-reconnaissance squad

After the instructions, we return to the camp of the geostar squad and talk with Zhi Qiong.

How to complete the Genshin Impact Floating Skystone Fragment quest

Completing the quest “Starting Exploring the Depths” will give Jin Wu a new quest “Soaring Skystone Fragment”.

To go deeper into the Rift, you will have to remove the cobblestones that blocked the passage when the mine was closed. It seems that this time you can’t do without a gorofuze …

Find two keys to the powder magazine

We need to find two gunpowder keys.

The first key is in the black mud, which is better not to step on.

We break the jug, examine the filter and find the Warehouse Security Key A.

We go to the location of the second security key of warehouse B.

It’s buried, so let’s dig it out.

Open the warehouse and find the projectile

Return to the lattice gate leading to the powder magazine. Open them with the found keys. Go inside, deal with the slimes and take the Rootblaster Core in the corner, near the chest.

Next, take the discovered shells to the geological exploration camp. Talk to Cleitopho. He will assign you a new task.

Create three Special Essences of Stillness

You will learn a new recipe. You will need to create 3 special essences of immobility by sitting at the alchemy table (located in the camp) and using the following ingredients:

Once you’ve crafted three items, give them to Clitopho. Next, you will need to familiarize yourself with the signals guide. It lies right next to the teleportation point. Jump down a level and read the book lying on the table.

How to remove the fuse from the gun bolt

After reading the book, stand on the glowing marker and look around. You will see the location of the lights, for which you will need to select a rare or frequent flicker.

The first one is closest to the teleport, on the right side. Glide towards it and then activate it so that it starts flickering at a rare frequency, that is, the lamp should blink slowly.

Now fly to the second lantern located on the wooden platform in front. Activate it, and it will immediately begin to flicker at a rare frequency.

The third is farther than the others on the ground. Get down and run forward. The lamp will stand in the middle of the black goo. Activate it, and then interact with it again to select a fast flicker. As a result, you will remove the fuse from the gun.

Load the shells and destroy the blockage

Return to the cannon and chat with Zhi Qiong. Then interact with the weapon to turn it. First turn the cannon to the left and then tilt it down twice as shown in the screenshot below. Now you can shoot. As a result, you will clear the obstacle in your path.

Chat with the adventurer again. After talking with her, you will receive a trophy “Keep a safe distance”. Pass through the formed passage to go deeper into the Rift. Don’t forget to open chests along the way and collect luminiferous crystals. In the end, you will get out of the tunnel into a spacious area. There will be a teleport nearby.

Activate three gears

You will find yourself in the location of the Stone Halls. Here you will need to activate 3 devices. To do this, you will need a Luminous Stone Adjuvant with 3 bars and the ability to remove mud holes, which means you will need to upgrade it to at least level 2.

Recharge your Adjuvant with the fireflies located nearby, then approach the nearest mechanism, stand near the mud hole and press the “Z” key to remove it. You will unlock the achievement And the darkness can’t overcome the light…. Energize the instrument again and transfer the charge to the mechanism.

All these actions will need to be done with the remaining two devices. Their location is shown in the screenshots below. There will be dangerous enemies near some of them, so proceed with caution. The last mechanism has a mud well a little further away, so look around.

After activating all the devices, watch a short cutscene, and then fight the Abyss Reader. Recall that the Freeze reaction (Hydro + Cryo) works well against it. After dealing with the enemy, talk to Zhi Qiong again.

Well, that’s all, now you can continue your journey through the Rift! I hope you found our guide helpful. Let me know in the comments below.

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