Wither Bow Guide Genshin Impact


Wither is a Genshin Impact bow added to the game in version 3.0. Below you will find information about the statistics of the bow, methods and materials for pumping and tuning it, as well as how to get it.



Wither bow stats

Lv. ATC Bonus materials
one 42.4 10.0% x3, x3, x2, x5000
twenty 108.93 17.67% x3, x12, x8, x15000
40 204.83 25.75% x6, x6, x6, x20000
fifty 265.86 29.79% x3, x12, x9, x30000
60 326.78 33.83% x6, x9, x6, x35000
80 448.68 41.9% x4, x18, x12, x45000

Passive Ability Progression

– Primal sea fish oil

How to get the Wither Bow in Genshin Impact

In order to get the Wooden Blade sword, you must visit Sumeru Anglers Association. This is a new outlet in Sumeru.

Onions can be bought with fish available water peach. Exchange equivalent:

Water Peach = 1 bow wither

Wither bow image gallery

standard view
Awakened weapon
Gacha image


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