World Quest Walkthrough Genshin Impact Forest Encounter


AT Genshin Impact Meeting in the forest is a quest chain in the world of Sumeru in which you will clear the Wither Zones by eliminating Spinocrocs, thereby helping the children of Vimara Village. In this guide, we reveal the subtleties of passing each quest of the task. Meeting in the forest.


How to start the Encounter in the Woods Genshin Impact questline


Walkthrough Children from Vimara village

It looks like the woman named Rana is Sumeru’s forest guard. Accept her invitation and visit Vimaru village.

  • Talk to Rana when you’re ready
  • Follow Rana
  • Talk to Rana
  • Eliminate the Wither Zone
  • Talk to Rana
  • Go to Vimara village
  • Talk to the old people in the village
  • Follow Rana
  • Talk to the young man
  • Follow the children to Rana’s house
  • Talk to children
  • Leave the village of Vimara and go to the indicated place
  • Talk to Rana
  • Talk to Rana and start your journey

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Quest rewards Children from Vimara village

  • Adventure Experience x250
  • Primogems x30
  • Mora x25000
  • Hero XP x3

Walkthrough Hike

It took a lot of effort for you and Paimon to come up with a story that would be interesting for the children based on real events. The kids loved the story and that’s great. Although the attitude of children towards “mysterious creatures” seems very strange, but at the moment there is no way to continue the study. Now we need to help Rana deal with the Withering Zone. All this is for the sake of a happy and safe future for the children from the village of Vimara.

  • Go to the Wither Zone to be cleared
  • Talk to Rana
  • Clear the Wither Zone
  • Go to the Wither Zone to be cleared
  • Talk to Rana
  • Clear the Wither Zone
  • Go to the habitat of spinocroks
  • Talk to Rana
  • Defeat a certain number of Spinocroks
  • Talk to Rana
  • Go to camp
  • Gather brushwood
  • Return to the camp and talk to Rana
  • Light a campfire
  • Talk to Rana
  • Relax or wait for the morning (06:00 – 08:00)
  • Talk to Rana

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Quest Rewards

Walkthrough Lost Child

All Wither zones that Rana noted have been cleared and the Spinocrocs have been eliminated. Now you don’t have to worry about the children of Vimara village. Time to go back with Rana.

  • Return to Vimara Village
  • Find Yotham
  • n/a
  • Go deeper into the cave and find Iotam
  • Defeat Fatui and their minions
  • Go even deeper into the cave in search of Iotam
  • Try to clear the Wither Zone
  • Return to Vimara Village
  • Return Yotham to Vimara Village
  • Go to Rana
  • Walk in strange footsteps

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Rewards for the quest Lost Child


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