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Genshin Impact 3.0 will be released to players worldwide in just a few weeks, bringing a new element, banners and region to explore. Fans have their eyes set on August 24th as that is when the new version should be released.

This will lead the Traveler to Sumeru, a vast new region full of puzzles and mysteries to uncover. Genshin Impact users excited about the 3.0 update can find out more about when the new version will arrive, as well as an early look at its upcoming banners below.

About Genshin Impact 3.0 Update

The newest Genshin Impact update will be released to the live servers on August 24th, bringing travelers and their friends to the new region of Sumeru. It is full of lush rainforests and rare deserts, with treasures and secrets hidden around every corner.

Gamers will want to make sure they thoroughly explore this huge new area, as they will discover plenty of discoveries as they travel through the region.

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Players can also look forward to the addition of the Dendro Element, which the community has been highly anticipating since the game’s launch. Dendro has been the only element inaccessible to users since their first steps in Teyvat.

With the launch of Sumeru, the element will finally be available to travelers and their party members. Fans will be able to create new teams and exciting new combat strategies in Update 3.0.

Sumeru is home to so much content that users will want to make sure they’re ready to head there as soon as an update comes out. Some fans in the Western Hemisphere will be able to log into the update a little earlier due to the time zone difference.

With that in mind, gamers will want to make sure they clear their schedule on August 24th to make sure they can explore Sumeru as much as possible.

Genshin Impact 3.0 banner leaks

While the exact banner layouts are still subject to change, players can look forward to an early chance to take advantage of the Dendro element once Update 3.0 arrives.

The first banner of this update will include two powerful Dendro archers, with the advent of Tignari and Collei. The two provide tremendous Dendro value to teams, and the latter in particular could be an incredible addition to the party.


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