Xiao growth in Genshin Impact

Xiao’s growth in Genshin is a question that worries many fans and admirers of the popular gacha game. In this guide, we answer the question of how tall an anemo spearman is.

Genshin Impact is a gacha-based role-playing game that offers a variety of playable characters. Most Players know about important character details like rarity, element, weapon, etc. But when it comes to small details like height, most players don’t know about it.

Character height is of great importance during exploration (swimming, climbing, running, etc.). In this guide, we’re going to show you the growth of one of the most famous Genshin Impact characters, five-star Anemo user Xiao.

Xiao Banner – An Invitation to Worldly Life – was introduced with a version update 1.3. Since then, there has been enough time to compare Xiao’s height to other Genshin Impact playable characters. Many will be surprised to know that his height is the same as that of Xiang Ling and the others Noel, Fischl, Barbara.

Xiao full body

Xiao from Genshin Impact is 158.5 cm tall.

Short biography:

  • Character – Xiao (Alatus)
  • Age – over 3000 years
  • Constellation – Alatus Nemesey
  • Birthday – April 17th.
  • Height – 158.5 cm.
  • The best weapon – polearm weapon
  • Elemental Skill – Lemniscate Wind Cycling.
  • Elemental Burst – Scourge of all evil
  • English voice actor Xiao Laila Berzins
  • Japanese voice actor Xiao Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

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